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Main course

The courses provide a broad overview and analysis of the business environment in the European Union. The main emphasis is put on performance management and geopolitical concerns. The students will be encouraged to take initiatives and prepare strategic and performance driven planning of organizations. The Solvay Summer School provides a certificate of 3 ECTS credits to those who attend at least 85% of the 20 hours of seminars and classes and pass the final examination.

As a participant you will in addition to the main courses, choose a tailored option that aims to provide a thorough analysis on specific topics.

See the three available options below.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Entrepreneurship programme aims to equip students who embrace the entrepreneurial mindset with perspectives on management practices and leadership. With a focus on Business Models Canvas and soft skills, this programme has been designed to foster the ability to think like an entrepreneur.


The Finance field stresses the importance of understanding the impact of decisions on the financial health of professional activities. The application of quantitative methods and analytical skills will enable you to get a deep understanding of financial portfolio management.

Business Law

The programme focuses on gaining a global understanding of the challenges faced by the European Union in the 21st century with a legal perspective on international relations, geopolitical policies and innovation law through the third industrial revolution.

The 2024 Edition takes place from 9th to 18th August 2024.


Classes begin on Monday morning and end on Thursday afternoon, followed by the final examination on Saturday.


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